Template:Strid & Tan, 1997

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The template can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication. In this case use as {{Strid & Tan, 1997|1|2|3}}

  • the first one: author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one: title of contribution.
  • the third one: page or range of pages of this contribution.

So for example, {{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{a|Knud Ib Christensen|Christensen, K.I.}}|Zelkova|52}} will produce the following reference:


{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{K.I.Chr.}}|Ephedra|15–17}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{K.I.Chr.}}|Salix|27–33}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{K.I.Chr.}}|Zelkova|52}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Snogerup}} & {{B.Snogerup}}|Thesium|61–66}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Kit Tan}}|Beta|110–112}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Kit Tan}}|Salsola|134–136}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Phitos}}|Arenaria|158–168}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Kamari}}|Minuartia|170–191}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Strid}}|Cerastium|198–214}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Greuter}}|Agrostemma|238–239}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Greuter}}|Silene|239–323}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Georgiou}}|Petrorhagia|333–343}}
{{Strid & Tan, 1997|{{Strid}}|Dianthus|343–372}}