Use this template to add a reference to the web site Mammal Species of the World to the listing of a mammalian taxon.
{{MSW|id|name option}}
Parameters and examples
  • id (mandatory)
The id of the taxon in the MSW web site.
 Warning: avoid leading spaces.
How to retrieve the id: First search the MSW web site for the taxon you are looking for, then when viewing its webpage, find the id in the address. In the address the id is 11600005.
  • name (optional)
By default a page name is used as a taxon name:
  • E.g. {{MSW|11600004}} results in:
If otherwise the second parameter is set and equals to i the name will be italicized:
  • {{MSW|11600005|i}} for
Other values are used as explicit taxon name:
  • {{MSW|11600005|''Dugong dugon'' (Müller, 1776)}} for
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