Use this template to refer to a taxon on the Tropicos web site


There are three required, parameters, for the date Tropicos was accessed, and a fourth optional, unnamed, parameter for displaying a different value to the page name.

  1. year
  2. month
  3. day
  4. display name

A further, named parameter, |id=, is optional; if it is not given the value of the ID on Tropicos will be pulled from the corresponding Wikidata item.




  • {{MBG|2017|Nov.|26}}
  • {{MBG|2017|Nov.|26|Foobar}}
  • {{MBG|2017|Nov.|26|id=2701607}}
  • {{MBG|2017|Nov.|26|Foobar|id=2701607}}

These will render thus:

  • Tropicos.org 2017. Foobar. Missouri Botanical Garden. Published online. Accessed: 26 Nov. 2017.

See alsoEdit

  • {{TROPICOS}} - an alternative version, now deprecated.
  • {{TROPICOS publication}} – used to refer to a scientific journal listed on the Tropicos web site
  • {{Tropicosp}} – used to refer to a list of subordinate taxa on the Tropicos web site