Use this template to add a reference to a species on the web site IUCN (for International union for conservation of nature and natural resources) by providing the species id on IUCN.
This template will also automaticaly add a category (see Category:Species by IUCN Red List category)
{{IUCN | EN |3746 | Canis lupus | Linnaeus, 1758 }}
{{IUCN | CR |3746 | Canis lupus }}
{{IUCN | VU |3746 }}
IUCN: Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758  (Endangered)
IUCN: Canis lupus  (Critically Endangered)
IUCN:  (Vulnerable)
{{IUCN | riskLevel |id | name | author }}
  • riskLevel
    • EX for Extinct
    • PEW for Possibly Extinct in the Wild
    • PE for Possibly Extinct
    • NE for Not Evaluated
    • DD for Data Deficient
    • EW for Extinct in the Wild
    • CR for Critically Endangered
    • EN for Endangered
    • VU for Vulnerable
    • CD for Conservation Dependent
    • NT for Near Threatened
    • LC for Least Concern
Ex (for the wolf): LC
  • id
the id of the specis on IUCN web site. Use IUCN search to find this id.
For example in the url the id is 137.
Warning: avoid leading spaces.
Ex (for the wolf): 3746
  • name (optional)
The binomial name of the species
Ex (for the wolf): Canis lupus
  • author (optional)
The author of the species
Ex (for the wolf): Linnaeus, 1758
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