Template:Heß, Landolt & Hirzel, 1970/doc


The template can also be used for separate chapters and pages authored by J.G. Baker in this book. In this case use as {{Heß, Landolt & Hirzel, 1970|1|2}}

  • the first one (optional): title of chapter.
  • the second one (optional): range of pages of this chapter.

So for example, {{Heß, Landolt & Hirzel, 1970|Polygaláceae, Kreuzblumengewächse|643–649}} will produce the following reference:

  • Heß, H.E., Landolt, E. & Hirzel, R. 1970. Polygaláceae, Kreuzblumengewächse. Pp. 643–649 in Flora der Schweiz und angrenzender Gebiete, Band 2: Nymphaeaceae bis Primulaceae. Birkhäuser, Basel & Stuttgart. Reference page