A template for plants listed in the GRIN.

  • Use as {{GRIN|1|2|3|4}} or {{GRIN|rank=|id=|accessdate=|name=}}
  • the 1st or rank (optional): rank group for a taxon. Allowed values are: 'sp', default, for species-level taxa; 'gen', for genus-level taxa (genera, subgenera, sections), 'fam', for family-level taxa. So, it's {{GRIN|fam|1842}} for Betuloideae, {{GRIN|gen|1437}} for Betula and {{GRIN||7117}} or {{GRIN|sp|7117}} for Betula nana.
  • the 2nd or id (mandatory): GRIN id for a taxon, like 'Genus number: 1437' for say Betula
  • the 3rd or accessdate (optional): date of access
  • the 4th or name (optional): the name to be shown as taxon name instead of the default value of {{PAGENAME}}. No wiki markup is allowed.