Template:Flora URSS 5

Template documentation


The template cites the nomenclaturally relevant original Russian edition, with a link to the English translation.

It can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication with links to the English translations at BHL. In this case use as {{Flora URSS 5|1|2|3|4}}

  • the first one (optional): author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one (required if the first parameter is used): title of contribution.
  • the third one (required if the first parameter is used): page or range of pages of this contribution in the original Russian edition (available from the cited DJVU file or from the page numbers given on the left side of the text in the English translation).
  • the fourth one (optional): the page ID of BHL linking to the relevant English translation page in Biodiversity Library.

So for example, {{Flora URSS 5|{{Bobrov}}|Ostrya|253|30156230}} will produce the following reference:

  • Bobrov, E.G. 1936. Ostrya. Pp. 253 in Komarov, V.L. (ed.), Flora URSS (Flora Unionis Rerumpublicarum Sovieticarum Socialisticarum) V. [Saururaceae – Polygonaceae] [in Russian]. 735 pp, Academia Scientiarum URSS, Mosqua, Leningrad. DJVU. English translation: 587 pp. BHL Reference page


{{Flora URSS 5|{{Bobrov}}|Ostrya|253|30156230}}