The template can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication. In this case use as {{Flora Iberica 3|1|2|3|4}}

  • the first one: author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one: title of contribution.
  • the third one: page or range of pages of this contribution.
  • the fourth one: a link to the relevant chapter at []. Only its filename is required. If the parameter is empty, it is automatically filled with a link to the whole book at Biblioteca Digital.

So for example, {{Flora Iberica 3|{{Cirujano}}|Tamarix|437–443|03_067_01_Tamarix.pdf}} will produce the following reference:



{{Flora Iberica 3|{{Muñoz Garm.}} & {{C.Navarro}}|Paeonia|144–150|03_056_01_Paeonia.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{A.Ramos}}|Hypericum|157–185|03_058_01_Hypericum.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{Demoly}} & {{P.Monts.}}|Cistus|319–337|03_066_01_Cistus.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{I.Nogueira}}, {{Muñoz Garm.}} & {{C.Navarro}}|Halimium|337–351|03_066_02_Halimium.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{G.López}}|Helianthemum|365–421|03_066_04_Helinthemum.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{Güemes}} & {{J.Molero}}|Fumana|422–436|03_066_05_Fumana.pdf}}
{{Flora Iberica 3|{{Cirujano}}|Tamarix|437–443|03_067_01_Tamarix.pdf}}