Template:FNA, 2010

Template documentation


The template can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication. In this case use as {{FNA, 2010|1|2|3|4}}

  • the first one: author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one: title of contribution.
  • the third one: page or range of pages of this contribution.
  • the fourth one: the FNA-ID from [www.efloras.org]. If the parameter is empty, it is automatically filled with the FNA-ID in Property 1727 of Wikidata, if there exists a record. Otherwise the link will lead to the title page of FNA.

So for example, {{FNA, 2010|{{a|George W. Argus|Argus, G.W.}}|Salix|23–162|129059}} will produce the following reference:


{{FNA, 2010|{{a|James E. Eckenwalder|Eckenwalder, J.E.}}|Populus|5–22|126537}}</nowki></code><br> <code><nowiki>{{FNA, 2010|{{a|George W. Argus|Argus, G.W.}}|Salix|23–162|129059}}