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  • Diplonevra zuijleni Disney is synonymised with Diplonevra pachycera (Schmitz) following recognition of an error in Schmitz's keys to Palaearctic species of this genus. The lack of a formal description of the female of Hypocerides nearcticus Borgmeier is remedied. A lectotype for Megaselia breviterga (Lundbeck) is designated and it is distinguished from Nearctic specimens attributed to this species, with the consequence that M. spelunciphila Disney is reinstated. The hitherto unknown female of M. devia Schmitz is described. The designation of a holotype for M. funesta Disney formalises the validity of this name. The designation of a lectotype for Megaselia longiseta (Wood) allows recognition of the Nearctic M. modesta (Brues) as a synonym of Wood's species.