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This is the ideal page? I see that this was designated as ideal since the previous page Lonchophylla orcesi lacked synonyms (being newly described) and a photo. I'd expect an ideal page to have all elements; synonyms, but also a type specimen (which Panthera tigris lacks). P. tigris may not have a type (Linnaeus didn't designated types), but surely there's a page that has all the elements.

I fixed a couple sloppy things on this page. Again, I'd hope the ideal page would have had this kind of stuff done already.

1. Subspecies list was not alphabetized

2. Above was moot. I took P. t. balica, P. t. sundaica, and P. t. sumatrae off the list. These subspecies redirected to P. sundaica sundaica, P. s. balica, and P. sumatrae. Don't add them back as subspp. of P. tigris.

3. Removed parentheses from "Felis tigris (Linnaeus, 1758)" . This is the basionym. Basionym authorship doesn't use parentheses. Use of parentheses conveys some important information, it's not just a stylistic thing.

4. Added an ampersand to the author line for the Luo et al. paper. Minor.

5. I'm tempted to invert the name of the first author of any paper. E.g., "Luo, S.J.", not "S.J. Luo". Didn't do it in this case, since I'm not sure whether Luo's family name comes first or last (although initialization would suggest that Luo is the family name). AndrewT 03:52, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

I took P. t. balica & P. t. sundaica out AGAIN!! If these taxa are added, then the corresponding existing pages Panthera sondaica sondaica and Panthera sondaica balica MUST be converted to redirects to these taxa under P. tigris. MSW treats these as subspecies of P. tigris (which is why I suppose they have been readded). However, the paper by Mazak and Groves goes with P. sondaica as a species and balica as a subspecies of sondaica. I don't care whether MSW or Mazak and Groves is followed, but editors, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WHETHER A TAXON SHOWS UP IN MULTIPLE PLACES. Don't just add something blindly following a general reference (e.g. MSW). If there is a specific reference to primary literature on the page (Mazak and Groves) it may have updated information that is not reflected in a more general database. If you choose to follow MSW exclusively and ignore Mazak & Groves, that's fine, just make sure that appropriate redirects are made (side note: I didn't add M&G to this page; their reference was linked following the Luo paper with no citation information, making it appear that the link in question was the Luo paper) 19:37, 1 October 2008 (UTC)

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