Syoziro Asahina (1913–2010), Japanese entomologist. Specialist in dragonflies (Odonata) of Thailand.

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1949 edit

  • Asahina, S. 1949. New dragonflies from Japan (Odonata). Insecta Matsumurana: 17(1): 28–34, figs. 1–3.

1954 edit

  • Asahina, Syoziro 1954: A morphological study of a relic dragonfly Epiophlebia superstes Selys: (Odonata, Anisozygoptera), 153 [Japan Society for the Promotion of Science]

1959 edit

1961 edit

1971 edit

  • Syoziro et al. 1971: Entomological Essays to Commemorate the Retirement of K. Yasumatsu., 389 [Hokuryukan Publishing]

1993 edit

  • Asahina, Syoziro 1993: A list of the odonata from Thailand, [Bangkok : Bosco Offset]


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