Susan Turner, palaeontologist.

  • Queensland Museum, Geosciences Program, 122 Gerler Road, Hendra, Queensland 4011, Australia.
  • Monash University School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Building 28, Room 124, Clayton, Victoria 3800, Australia.

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1976 Edit

  • Turner, S., 1976: Thelodonti (Agnatha). Pp. 1-–35 in Westphal, F. (ed.): Fossilium Catalogus I, Animalia, pars 122. Dr. W. Junk B.V., ’s-Gravenhage. Reference page

1981 Edit

1997 Edit

  • Turner, S., 1997: Dittodus species of Eastman 1899 and Hussakof and Bryant 1918 (Mid to Late Devonian). Modern Geology, 21: 87-119. Reference page

2008 Edit

2010 Edit

  • Burrow, C.J. & Turner, S. 2010. Reassessment of “Protodus” scoticus from the Early Devonian of Scotland, p. 123-144. In Elliott, D.K., Maisey, J.G., Yu, X., & Miao, D. (eds.): Morphology, Phylogeny and Paleobiogeography of Fossil Fishes. Verlag Dr Friedrich Pfeil, Munich. Reference page

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