Sterling J. Nesbitt

Sterling Nesbitt (born March 25, 1982), U.S. paleontologist.

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2007 edit

  • Nesbitt S.J., Irmis, R. B. & Parker, W. G. 2007. A critical reevaluation of the Late Triassic dinosaur taxa of North America. Journal of Systematic Paleontology 5: 209–243.
  • Nesbitt, S. 2007. The anatomy of Effigia okeeffeae (Archosauria, Suchia), theropod-like convergence, and the distribution of related taxa. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 302: 84 pp.

2008 edit

  • Nesbitt, S.J. & Stocker, M.R. 2008. The vertebrate assemblage of the Late Triassic Canjilon Quarry, (Northern New Mexico, USA) and the importance of apomorphy-based assemblage comparisons. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 28: 1063–1072.

2009 edit

  • Nesbitt, S.J., Smith, N. D., Irmis, R. B., Turner, A. H.; Downs, A. & Norell, M. A. 2009. A complete skeleton of a Late Triassic saurischian and the early evolution of dinosaurs. (PDF), Science, 326 (5959): 1530–1533, PMID: 20007898

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