Shimpei F. Hiruta

Shimpei F. Hiruta, Japanese ostracodologist

  • Center for Molecular Biodiversity Research, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tsukuba 305-0005, Japan.

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2007 edit

  • Hiruta, S.F., Hiruta, S.I. & Mawatari, S.F. 2007: A new, interstitial species of Terrestricythere (Crustacea: Ostracoda) and its microdistribution at Orito Beach, northeastern Sea of Japan. Hydrobiologia, 585: 43–56. DOI: 10.1007/s10750-007-0627-4

2013 edit

  • Hiruta, S.F. & Mawatari, S.F. 2013: Ostracods (Crustacea) from Sarobetsu Marsh, Northern Hokkaido, Japan: Taxonomy and Phenology with Description of Pseudocandona tenuirostris sp. nov. Species Diversity, 18: 57–74. DOI: 10.12782/sd.18.1.057

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