Sean Q. Beeching, amateur lichenologist

IPNI standard form: Beeching

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Piccolia nannaria (Tuck.) Lendemer & Beeching, 2007

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  • Sean Q. Beeching, Book Author: 'I Like You But What Can You Do, Can You Be a Bird?' : Adventures In The Lichen Trade. [1]
  • Sean Q. Beeching on FaceBook
  • Beeching, S.Q.; Perlmutter, G.B. and Hansen, C. (2008) Lichen checklist from the "Liking Lichens Teacher Workshops" at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, Georgia, USA. Evansia 25(2): 34–39. (DOI: 10.1639/0747-9859-25.2.34)
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