Roger Bour (1947–2020), French herpetologist and palaeontologist

  • Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Reptiles & Amphibians, Paris, France

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2008 edit

  • Arnold, E.N. & Bour, R. 2008. A new Nactus gecko (Gekkonidae) and a new Leiolopisma skink (Scincidae) from La Réunion, Indian Ocean, based on recent fossil remains and ancient DNA sequence. Zootaxa 1705: 40–50. PDF

2010 edit

  • Dubois, A. & Bour, R. 2010. The nomenclatural status of the nomina of amphibians and reptiles created by Garsault (1764), with a parsimonious solution to an old nomenclatural problem regarding the genus Bufo (Amphibia, Anura), comments on the taxonomy of this genus, and comments on some nomina created by Laurenti (1768). Zootaxa 2447: 001–052. Preview. Reference page

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