Robert Edmond Grant

Robert Edmond Grant (1793–1874), British anatomist and zoologist.

Robert Edmond Grant

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1826 edit

1833 edit

  • Grant, R.E. 1833. On the anatomy of the Sepiola vulgaris, Leach, and account of a new species (Sep. stenodactyla, Grant) from the coast of Mauritius. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 1: 77–86.
  • Grant, R.E. 1833. On the classification of organs of animals and the organs of support in animalcules and poripherous animals. pp. 193–200 in: University of London, Lectures on comparative anatomy and animal physiology. The Lancet 1833–4(1): 199.

1836 edit

  • Grant, R.E. 1836. Animal Kingdom. Pp. 107–118. In: Todd, R.B. (Ed.). The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology. Volume 1. Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper: London. 813 pp.

1841 edit

  • Grant, R.E. 1841. Porifera. Pp. 5–9, 310–313, pls II–IV. In: Baillière, H. (Ed.). Outlines of comparative anatomy. Baillière: London. 656 pp.

1861 edit

  • Grant, R.E. 1861. Tabular view of the primary divisions of the Animal Kingdom, intended to serve as an outline of an elementary course of recent Zoology (Cainozoology), or the Natural History of existing animals. Walton and Maberley: London. i–vi + 91 pp.

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