Roar Skovlund Poulsen

Roar Skovlund Poulsen, lichenologist

  • Department of Mycology, Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen, Ø Farimagsgade 2D, DK-1353 Copenhagen K, Denmark. (address in 2001)

IPNI standard form: R.S.Poulsen

Taxon names authored

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Published author of:

Orceolina antarctica (Müll. Arg.) R.S. Poulsen & Søchting, 2001
Protopannaria alcicornis P.M. Jørg. & R.S. Poulsen, 2001
Protopannaria azorellae P.M. Jørg. & R.S. Poulsen, 2001


  • Poulsen, R.S.; Schmitt, I.; Søchting, U. and Lumbsch, H.T. (2001) Molecular and morphological studies on the subantarctic genus Orceolina (Agyriaceae). - Lichenologist 33 (4): 323–329 (Abstract)


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