Richard Owen (20 July, 1804 – 18 July, 1892), British biologist and palaeontologist.

Richard Owen

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  • Owen, R. 1848. On Dinornis (Part III.): containing a description of the skull and beak of that genus, and of the same characteristic parts of Palapteryx, and of two other genera of birds, Notornis and Nestor; forming part of an extensive series of ornithic remains discovered by Mr. Walter Mantell at Waingongoro, North Island of New Zealand. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 3(5): 345–378. BHL Reference page
  • Owen, R. 1848. Description of Teeth and portions of Jaws of two extinct Anthracotherioid Quadrupeds (Hyopotamus vectianus and Hyop. bovinus) discovered by the Marchioness of Hastings in the Eocene Deposits on the N.W. coast of the Isle of Wight: with an attempt to develope Cuvier's idea of the Classification of Pachyderms by the Number of their Toes. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 4(1): 103–141. BHL Reference page

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  • Owen, R. 1860. Paleontology or a systematic summary of extinct animals and their geological relations. Adam and Black, Edinburgh, 420 pp. Reference page

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  • Owen, R. 1876. Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the fossil Reptilia of South Africa in the collection of the British Museum. London: British Museum (Natural History). GoogleBooks Reference page

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  • Owen, R. 1879. Memoirs on the extinct wingless birds of New Zealand; with an appendix on those of England, Australia, Newfoundland, Mauritius, and Rodriguez. J. Van Voorst: London. BHL Reference page

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