Richard L. Brown (R. L. Brown)

Entomologist (Lepidoptera), USA [1]

He began collecting insects during the 1960s in northwestern Arkansas. As a student at University of Arkansas (M.S., 1973), he became interested in the Lepidoptera, especially the "micros" of the southern Ozarks. After serving as a medical entomologist in the military for two years, he concentrated on the systematics of Epinotia and other tortricids at Cornell University. Upon completing his doctorate in 1980, he was employed as Director of the Mississippi Entomological Museum and Assistant Professor to teach taxonomy courses at Mississippi State University. Following collecting trips to Chile, Venezuela, New Caledonia and Fiji Islands, he began concentrating on the relatively unknown moth fauna in southeastern U.S., especially in unique and threatened habitats in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In addition to faunistic work, he is continuing long term work on systematics of tortricid moths and am interested in evolution of wing patterns and the role of abiotic selection factors on feeding strategies and other adaptations. He is currently project director of the Mississippi Arthropod Survey, technical editor of the Mississippi Entomological Museum Publication Series, and organizer of the annual William H. Cross Expedition.

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  • Adamski, D. & Brown, R.L. 1989. Morphology and Systematics of North American Blastobasidae (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea) Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Technical Bulletin 165. Mississippi Entomological Museum 1: 1–70. Reference page

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