Ray Smith Bassler

Ray Smith Bassler (1878–1961), U.S. geologist, paleontologist and ostracodologist.

Ray Smith Bassler

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1923 Edit

  • Ulrich E.O. & Bassler R.S., 1923. Paleozoic Ostracoda: their morphology, classification, and occurrence. Maryland Geological Survey, Silurian.

1925 Edit

  • Bassler R.S., 1925. Classification and stratigraphic use of the conodonts. Geological Society of America, Bulletin.
  • Canu F. & Bassler R.S., 1925. Contribution à l'étude des Bryozoaires d'Autriche et de Hongrie. Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France.
  • Bassler R.S., 1925. Geological fieldwork in Tennessee. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection.
  • Canu, F., Bassler, R.S. 1925. Les Bryozoaires du Maroc et de Mauritanie. Mémoires de la Société des Sciences naturelles du Maroc. 10: 1–79 Reference page

1927 Edit

  • Canu F. & Bassler R.S., 1927. Classification of the cheilostomatous Bryozoa. Proceedings of the United States National …

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1930 Edit

  • Canu F. & Bassler R.S., 1930. The bryozoan fauna of the Galapagos Islands. Proceedings of the United States National …
  • Canu, F., Bassler, R.S. 1930. Bryozoaires marins de Tunisie. Annales de la Station océanographique de Salambô. 5: 1–91 Reference page

1936 Edit

  • Bassler R.S., 1936. Nomenclatorial notes on fossil and recent Bryozoa. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences.
  • Bassler R.S., 1936. New species of American Edrioasteroidea (with seven plates). Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections.

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1950 Edit

  • Bassler R.S., 1950. Faunal lists and descriptions of Paleozoic corals.
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