Pseudomonas viridiflava

Taxonavigation edit

Taxonavigation: Pseudomonadales 

Superregnum: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Classis: Gammaproteobacteria
Ordo: Pseudomonadales

Familia: Pseudomonadaceae
Genus: Pseudomonas
Species: Pseudomonas viridiflava

Name edit

Pseudomonas viridiflava (Burkholder, 1930) Dowson, 1939

Synonyms edit

  • "Phytomonas viridiflava" Burkholder, 1930 (not validly published)

References edit

  • Dowson, W.J. 1939. On the systematic position and generic names of the Gram negative bacterial plant pathogens. Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene, Abteilung II 100: 177–193. Reference page