Philip Hershkovitz

Philip Hershkovitz (12 October 1909 – 15 February 1997), U.S. zoologist.

Philip Hershkovitz

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1962 edit

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1992 edit

  • Hershkovitz, P. 1992. The South American gracile mouse opossums, genus Gracilinanus Gardner and Creighton, 1989 (Marmosidae, Marsupialia): A taxonomic review with notes on general morphology and relationships. Fieldiana: Zoology 70: vi + 1–56. BHL Reference page

1993 edit

  • Hershkovitz, P. 1993. A new central brazilian genus and species of sigmodontine rodent (Sigmodontinae) transitional between akodonts and oryzomyines, with a discussion of muroid molar morphology and evolution. Fieldiana: Zoology 75: 1–18. BHL Reference page

1994 edit

  • Hershkovitz, P. 1994. The description of a new species of South American hocicudo, or long-nose mouse, genus Oxymycterus (Sigmodontinae, Muroidea), with a critical review of the generic content. Fieldiana: Zoology 79(1460): 1–43. BHL Reference page

References edit

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