Peter Nikolaevich Petrov

Peter Nikolaevich Petrov (16 June 1977–), Russian zoologist, and entomologist

русский: Петр Николаевич Петров

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2012 edit

2017 edit

  • Makarova O.L., Prokin A.A., Petrov P.N., 2017. Water beetles (Сoleoptera) of coastal areas of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra, extreme northeastern Europe // Aquatic Insects. Vol. 38. № 4. P. 197–218.

2019 edit

  • Prokin A.A., Stolbov V.A., Petrov P.N., Filimonova M.O., 2019. Beetles (Coleoptera) in stagnant water bodies of the middle part of the Gydan Peninsula // Entomological Review. Vol. 9. № 6. P. 836–843.
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