Pekka Taisto Lehtinen

Pekka Taisto Lehtinen. (1934-). Finnish arachnologist.

  • Zoological Museum, University of Turku, Turku 20014, Finland

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  • Lehtinen, P.T. 2004. Taxonomic notes on the Misumenini (Araneae: Thomisidae: Thomisinae), primarily from the Palaearctic and Oriental regions. In: Logunov, D. V. & D. Penney (eds.) European Arachnology 2003 (Proceedings of the 21st European Colloquium of Arachnology, St.-Petersburg, 4-9 August 2003). Arthropoda Selecta Special Issue 1: 147–184. full article (PDF). Reference page

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