Pehr Kalm (born March 6, 1716 in Ångermanland, Sweden, dead November 16, 1779 in Åbo, Sweden – also named Turku, today Finland), Swedish-Finnish naturalist, botanist, and priest. He is considered to be the most famous Finnish representative of the Enlightenment and one of the "apostles" of Carolus Linnaeus. Kalm undertook extensive botanical expeditions in Finland as well as in the United States and Canada.

Pehr Kalm, 1746

Appointed Chancellor of the Royal Academy of Turku 1756–1757, 1765–1766, and 1772–1773.

In Finland he is also known as Pietari Kalm and in some English-language translations as Peter Kalm.

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  • Kalm, P. 1753–1761. En Resa til Norra America. [Later translated into German, Dutch, and French, and in 1770 into English as Travels into North America.]
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