Masamitsu Ōshima

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Masamitsu Ōshima (1884–1965), Japanese herpetologist and ichthyologist.

日本語: 大島正満
  • Bureau of Scientific Researches, Taihoku [=Taipe], Formosa [=Taiwan].
  • Institute of Science, Government of Formosa, Taihoku [=Taipe], Formosa [=Taiwan].

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1910 edit

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1920 edit

  • Oshima, M. 1920. [Notes on the venomous snakes from the islands of Formosa and Riu Kiu] (In Japanese). Annual Report of the Institute of Science, Government of Formosa 8(2): 1–11 + 1–99, 16 pls. Reference page

1938 edit

  • Ōshima, M. 1938. Review of the charrs found in the Japanese waters, with discription [sic] of one new species. Botany and Zoology, Theoretical and Applied = Shokubutsu-oyobi-d butsu, Tokyo 6(no. 12, art. 4): 1979–1986 [9-16]. [In Japanese] Reference page

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