Oliver Erichson Janson

Oliver Erichson Janson (1850–1926), British entomologist. Specialised in Coleoptera. Son of Edward Wesley Janson.

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1875 Edit

1877 Edit

  • Janson, O.E., [1877]. Notes on Japanese Rhopalocera, with descriptions of new species. Cistula Entomologica 2(16): 153–160. BHL. Reference page

1878 Edit

  • Janson, O.E., [1878]. Remarks on Japanese Rhopalocera and descriptions of five apparently new species. Cistula Entomologica 2(19): 269-274, pl.5. BHL, plate. Reference page

1886 Edit

  • Janson, 1886. Identifications and descriptions of Rhopalocera. In Guillemard, The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka & New Guinea. 2 (Appendix III): 374-377. Reference page

1887 Edit

  • Janson, O.E. 1887. Rodolia iceryae, n. sp. p. 30 in Ormerod, E.A. Notes on the Australian bug (Icerya purchasi) in South Africa. With additional illustrations from S. Australia, and notes of history and treatment from government reports of the United States of America. Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London. Reference page

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