Norman Dion Levine

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Norman Dion Levine (1912–1999), U.S. parasitologist.

IPNI standard form: Levine

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1961 edit

  • Levine, N. D. 1961. Problems in the Systematics of the “Sporozoa”. The Journal of Protozoology, 8(4), 442-451, [1].

1963 edit

  • Corliss J.O. and Levine N.D., 1963. Establishment of Microsporidea as a new class in the protozoan subphylum Cnidospora. J. Protozool, 10, pp.26-7.

1969 edit

  • Levine, N. D. 1969. Taxonomy of the sporozoa. Progress in Protozoology, III Internat. Congr. Protozool. 365-367, [2].

1971 edit

1978 edit

1982 edit

  • Levine, N.D. 1982. Apicomplexa. In: Parker, S.P. (Ed.), Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms. vol. 1. McGraw-Hill, New York: 571–587.

1988 edit

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