Taxonavigation edit

Taxonavigation: Mycoplasmatales 

Superregnum: Bacteria
Group: Terrabacteria group
Phylum: Tenericutes
Classis: Mollicutes
Ordo: Mycoplasmatales

Familia: Mycoplasmataceae
Genera (2): Mycoplasma – Ureaplasma

Genera disputed (2): Eperythrozoon – Haemobartonella

Candidati (3): Hepatoplasma – Marinoplasma – Moeniiplasma

Name edit

  • Mycoplasmataceae Freundt 1955, 71 emend. Tully, Bové, Laigret and Whitcomb 1993, 382

Type genus: Mycoplasma Nowak 1929.

Synonyms edit

  • Borrelomycetaceae Turner 1935, 26

Type genus: Borrelomyces Turner 1935, 26

  • Parasitaceae Sabin 1941, 57

Type genus:

  • Pleuropneumoniaceae Tulasne and Brisou 1955, 237

Type genus: Pleuropneumonia Tulasne and Brisou 1955, 237

References edit

Primary references edit

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