Jyrki E. Muona

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Jyrki E. Muona, Finnish botanist and entomologist.

  • Zoology Unit, Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki, Finland

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  • Muona, J. 2010. Eucnemidae. Pp. 61-68 in Beutel, Lawrence & Leschen (Eds.) Handbuch der Zoologie Band IV. Arthropoda: Insecta. Teilband, Part 42. Coleoptera, Beetles. Volume 2. De Gruyte. ResearchGate Reference page

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  • Otto, R.L., Muona, J. & Córdoba-Alfaro, J. 2023. A new genus and sixteen new species of false click beetles (Coleoptera: Eucnemidae) described from the Heredia Province of Costa Rica with several additional records from the Osa Peninsula and Panama. Insecta Mundi 991: 1–36. PDF Reference page

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