Mohammad Abdullah

Mohammad Abdullah (1938–), Pakistani entomologist. Husband of Abida Abdullah.

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Qatif Experimental Farm, P.O. Box 266, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  • Senior Research Officer in Entomology, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Central Labs., Karachi 32, W. Pakistan (1967?–?)
  • Department of Entomology, McGill University, Macdonald College P.O., Quebec, Canada (1964?–1967?)
  • Department of Zoology, University of Reading, U.K. (1964?)
  • Department of Biological Sciences, Illinois State Normal University, Normal (1961?–1964?)
  • Department of Entomology, University of Illinois, Urbana (?–1961?)

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  • Abdullah, M. & Qadri, N.-N. 1970. The Staphylindiae, Coleoptera of Pakistan. Part III. – A key to the genera and species of the Piestinae, Osoriinae, Pseudopsinae and Oxytelinae, with descriptions of new genera, subgenera and species from Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Science and Industrial Research 13(1–2): 114–131. Abstract only seen. Reference page

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  • Abdullah, M. 1975. The higher classification of the insect order Coleoptera including fossil records and a classified directory of the coleopterists and Coleoptera collections of the world. Zoologische Beiträge (N.F.) 21: 363–461.

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