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| type      = notice
| image     = {{#switch: protected
  | pre-alpha | prealpha | pa = Pre-alpha
  | alpha | a                 = Alpha
  | beta | b                  = Beta
  | release | r | general | g = Ready for use
  | protected | protect | p   = [[File:
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| text      = This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.

}}|Error: {{Module rating}} must be placed in the Module namespace. |demospace=}}

Implements {{For}}.

local mArguments --initialize lazily
local mHatlist = require('Module:Hatnote list')
local mHatnote = require('Module:Hatnote')
local yesNo = require('Module:Yesno')
local p = {}

--Implements {{For}} from the frame
--uses capitalized "For" to avoid collision with Lua reserved word "for"
function p.For (frame)
	mArguments = require('Module:Arguments')
	return p._For(mArguments.getArgs(frame))

--Implements {{For}} but takes a manual arguments table
function p._For (args)
	local use = args[1]
	if (not use) then
		return mHatnote.makeWikitextError(
			'no context parameter provided. Use {{other uses}} for "other uses" hatnotes.',
	local pages = {}
	function two (a, b) return a, b, 1 end --lets us run ipairs from 2
	for k, v in two(ipairs(args)) do table.insert(pages, v) end
	local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
	local skipCat = title.isTalkPage or title.namespace == 2 --don't categorise talk pages and userspace
	local oddCat = skipCat and '' or '[[Category:Hatnote templates using unusual parameters]]'
	local category = yesNo(args.category)
	return mHatnote._hatnote(
		mHatlist.forSeeTableToString({{use = use, pages = pages}}),
		{selfref = args.selfref}
	) .. (
			(use == 'other uses') and ((category == true) or (category == nil)) and
			oddCat or ''

return p