This is the documentation page for Module:Documentation/config

{{Module other|{{ombox

| type      = notice
| image     = {{#switch: protected
  | pre-alpha | prealpha | pa = Pre-alpha
  | alpha | a                 = Alpha
  | beta | b                  = Beta
  | release | r | general | g = Ready for use
  | protected | protect | p   = [[File:
| style     = 
| textstyle = 
| text      = This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.

}}|Error: {{Module rating}} must be placed in the Module namespace.|demospace=}} This is the configuration file for Module:Documentation. This file can be edited to allow easy translation/porting of the module to other wikis.