Maxim Alexandrovich Lazarev

Maxim Alexandrovich Lazarev (born 1985, Volgograd), Russian entomologist and educator, specialist in the systematics and faunistics of Palaearctic Cerambycidae.

Maxim Alexandrovich Lazarev
русский: Максим Александрович Лазарев

Standard abbreviation: M.A. Lazarev
Author citation (zoology): Lazarev

  • Free Economic Society of Russia, Department of Science and All-Russian Projects
  • Tverskaya str., 22A, Moscow 125009 Russia
  • PhD, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History
  • Corresponding member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists of the Zoology (Entomology) section
  • Chief Editor: Humanity space. International almanac (2012-)

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  • Lazarev, M.A. 2008. [Notes on taxonomical and distributional problems of the Longicorn beetles of and adjacent countries. Pp. 129–136. In: Actual problems of the priority directions of development of natural sciences. Collection of articles, Prometey publishing house MPGU: 220 pp.] DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6475657 (Russian) Reference page

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