Luciana da Silva Canêz

Luciana da Silva Canêz, Brazilian lichenologist

IPNI standard form: Canêz

Taxon names authored

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Published author of:

Bulbothrix megapotamica Canêz & Marcelli, 2008
Myelochroa supraflava Canêz & Marcelli, 2008
Parmotrema aberrans (Vain.) Canêz & Marcelli, 2008
Parmotrema fleigiae Canêz & Marcelli, 2007
Punctelia fimbriata Marcelli & Canêz, 2007
Punctelia involuta Canêz & Marcelli, 2010
Punctelia purpurascens Marcelli & Canêz, 2007
Xanthoparmelia conglomerata Canêz & Marcelli, 2008


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