Lee Barker Walton

Lee Barker Walton (1871–1937), American protistologist, zoologist and evolutionary biologist.

IPNI standard form: L.Walton

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1900 Edit

1903 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1903. The arrangement of the segmental muscles in the Geophilidae, and its bearing on the double nature of the segment in the Hexapoda and Chilopoda. Science.

1905 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1905. A land planarian in Ohio.
  • Walton, L.B. 1905. Actinolophus Minutus a New Heliozoan, with a Review of the Species Enumerated in the Genus.

1906 Edit

1907 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1907. Land planarians in the United States. Science.

1912 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1912. The land planarians of North America with a note on a new species. Science.
  • Walton, L.B. 1912. Symbiotes duryi, a new species of Endomychidae.

1915 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1915. A review of the described species of the order Euglenoidina Bloch. Class Flagellata (Protozoa) with particular reference to those found in the city water … Ohio State University.
  • Walton, L.B. 1915. The euglenoidina of Ohio. Biol. Sur. Bui.
  • Walton, L.B. 1915. Variability and amphimixis. The American Naturalist. PDF.
  • Walton, L.B. 1915. A land planarian with an abnormal number of eyes.
  • Walton, L.B. 1915. Cell Division and the Formation of Paramylon in Euglena Oxyuris Schmarda.

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1930 Edit

  • Walton, L.B. 1930. Studies concerning organisms occurring in water supplies with particular reference to those found in Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Bulletin 24: 1–86 Google Books. Reference page

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