Taxonavigation edit

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Chromista
Subregnum: Harosa
Infraregnum: Heterokonta
Phylum: Bigyra
Subphylum: Sagenista
Classis: Labyrinthulomycetes
Ordo: Labyrinthulales
Familia: Labyrinthulaceae

Genus (incertae sedis): Pyrrhosorus

Name edit

Labyrinthulales Saville-Kent, Man. Infus.: 43. 1880 (“Labyrinthulida”).

References edit

Primary references edit

  • Saville-Kent, W. 1880-1881. A manual of the infusoria, including a description of all known flagellate, ciliate, and tentaculiferous protozoa, British and foreign and an account of the organization and affinities of the sponges. Vol. I. London: David Bogue. BHL Reference page

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