Jun Tokida, 時田郇 (1903–1990), Japanese phycologist. Professor of Hokkaido University.

IPNI standard form: Tokida

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  • Tokida, J. 1932. The marine algae from Robben Island (Kaihyô-tô) Saghalien. Bulletin of the School of Fisheries Hokkaido University 2: 1–34. Reference page
  • Tokida, J. 1942. Phycological observations, V. Transactions of the Sapporo Natural History Society 17: 82–95. Reference page
  • Tokida, J. 1943. On the so-called Dilsea edulis of Japan. Botanical Magazine, Tokyo 57: 93–97.
  • Tokida, J. 1947. Notes on some new or little known marine algae (1). The Journal of Japanese botany 21: 127–130.
  • Tokida, J. 1954. The marine algae of southern Saghalien. Memoirs of the Faculty of Fisheries Hokkaido University 2: 1–264. Reference page
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