Juliana Sterli, Argentinian Palaeontologist (turtles).

  • CONICET-Museo Paleontoloógico Egidio Feruglio, Av. Fontana 140, 9100 Trelew, Province of Chubut, Argentina
  • Author abbreviation: Sterli

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  • de la Fuente, M.S., Maniel, I., Jannello, J.M., Sterli, J., Riga, B.G. & Novas, F. 2017. A new large panchelid turtle (Pleurodira) from the Loncoche Formation (upper Campanian-lower Maastrichtian) of the Mendoza Province (Argentina): Morphological, osteohistological studies, and a preliminary phylogenetic analysis. Cretaceous Research 69:(2017):147-168
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