John Henry Steel (1856–1891), British veterinary physician and parasitologist.

IPNI standard form: J.H.Steel

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  • Steel, J.H. 1885. Report of veterinary surgeon J.H. Steel, A.V.D., on his investigation into an obscure and fatal disease among transport mules in British Burma, which he found to be a fever of relapsing type, and probably identical with the disorder first described by Dr. Griffith Evans under the name "Surra", in a report (herewith reprinted) published by the Punjab Government, Military Department, No. 439–4467, of 3rd. December 1880 – vide the Veterinary Journal (London), 1881–1882. [India]. 89 pp. Internet Archive PDF Full text   DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.105642 NLS PDF Reference page

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