John Avery Wilcox

John Avery Wilcox (August 24, 1921 – September 18, 2003), American entomologist, worked on Chrysomelidae.

Editor of Coleopterorum Catalogus Supplementa (1970–1976)

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  • Wilcox, J.A. 1975. Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae. Addenda et Index. Coleopterorum Catalogus Supplementa. Pars 78(4) (Editio Seconda). 's-Gravenhage [The Hague]: Dr. W. Junk. Pp. 667–770. Reference page
  • Wilcox, J.A. 1975. Checklist of the beetles of Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Vol.1 part 7, the leaf beetles (red version). Biological Research Institute of America, Latham, NY. 166 pp. Reference page

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  • Wilcox, J.A. 1983. Checklist of the Beetles of North and Central America and the West Indies. Volume 8. Family 129. Chrysomelidae, the Leaf Beetles. Flora and Fauna Publications, Gainesville, Florida, 166 pp.

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