Johannes H. Lourens

Johannes H. Lourens (Lourens) Entomologist, Philippines

  • Ridgewood Park, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, 4301 Lucena City, the Philippines.
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2008 edit

2009 edit

  • Lourens, J.H. 2009. A new species of Cyana from Northern Luzon (Philippines) belonging to the lunulata group, with an analysis of differential features and evaluation of elements for group recognition (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Lithosiinae). Neue Entomologische Nachrichten 30(3): 147-160. Reference page

2010 edit

2011 edit

2017 edit

  • Lourens, J.H. 2017. The Cyana insularis-group (Arctiidae, Lithosiinae, Cyana Walker 1854) with fifteen Insular and Mainland SE Asian taxa (seven nov.sp./two nov.ssp.) and seven habitus look-alikes (two nov.sp.) from likely parallel developing lineage(s) Entomofauna 38(12): 233–300. full article zobodat (pdf).Reference page