ISSN 0378-1909

  • Series title: Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • Publishes original studies on the ecology life history epigenetics behavior psysiology morphology systematics and evolution of marine and freshwater fishes and fishlike organisms.
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Volume 93, Issue 2 (2012), pages 151–304Edit

  • 151: Relating the swimming movements of green sturgeon to the movement of water currents. Kelly, J.T.
  • 169: A new cave-dwelling loach, Triplophysa macrocephala (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Balitoridae), from Guangxi, China. Yang, J.
  • 177: Reproductive biology of longnose trevally (Carangoides chrysophrys) in the Arabian Sea, Oman. Al-Rasady, I.
  • 185: Heritability and genetic correlation of abdominal and caudal vertebral numbers in latitudinal populations of the medaka Oryzias latipes. Kiso, S.
  • 193: Otolith Sr:Ca and Ba:Ca may give inconsistent indications of estuarine habitat use for American eels (Anguilla rostrata). Jessop, B.M.
  • 209: Otolith shape analysis for three Sicyopterus (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Sicydiinae) species from New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Lord, C.
  • 223: Migration of Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi): Evidence of freshwater resident life history types. Zimmerman, C.E.
  • 233: Defining marine habitat of juvenile Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, and coho salmon, O. kisutch, in the northern California Current System. Pool, S.S.
  • 245: Pre-spawning migration of adult Pacific lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus, in the Willamette River, Oregon, U.S.A. Clemens, B.J.
  • 255: Size-dependent ontogenetic diet shifts to piscivory documented from stable isotope analyses in an introduced population of largemouth bass. Yasuno, N.
  • 267: Effect of predator exposure on the performance and survival of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus). Beck, J.L.
  • 277: Temporal dynamics of coral reef fish communities in Nha Trang Bay marine protected area, South-Central Vietnam. van Nguyen, L.
  • 295: Interannual variations of the fish assemblage in the transitional zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir: Persistence and stability. Yang, S.