Hiroshi Harada (1960– ), Japanese lichenologist and botanist.

日本語: 原田浩

IPNI standard form: H.Harada

Address (2019):

Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba,
955-2 Aoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba, 260-8682, Japan

Taxon names authored

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Publications edit

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  • Harada, H. 1990. Chiodecton asahinae Harada, a new lichen species from Japan. Hikobia 10(4): 377–382. PDF. Reference page
  • Harada, H. (1997) Lithothelium japonicum (Lichenized Ascomycotina, Pyrenulaceae), a New Pyrenocarpous Lichen from Central Japan Hiroshi Harada. The Bryologist 100(2): 204–206. [1]
  • Harada, H. (2000) Distopyrenis japonica (ascomycota, Pyrenulaceae), a new lichen-allied lichenicolous fungus from Chiba-ken, central Japan. Mycoscience 41(5): 491–493. [2]
  • Harada, H. & Vězda, A. 1996. Gyalidea pacifica (Lichenized Ascomycotina, Solorinellaceae), a New Gyalectoid Lichen from Japan. The Bryologist 99(2): 193–195. DOI: 10.2307/3244548  . Reference page
  • Wang, Li-song, Narui, T., Harada, H., Culberson, C.F. and Culberson, W.L. (2001) Ethnic uses of lichens in Yunnan, China. The Bryologist 104(3): 345–349. [3]

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