Hideho Hara Hara Hideho (原 秀穂, はら ひでほ), Japanese entomologist

  • Forestry Research Institute, Hokkaido Research Organization, Bibai, Hokkaido, 079-0198 Japan

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2012 edit

  • Hara, H. & Smith, D.R. 2012. Nesodiprion orientalis sp. nov., N. japonicus, and N. biremis, with a key to species of Nesodiprion (Hymenoptera, Diprionidae). Zootaxa 3503: 1–24. Preview Reference page
  • Sayama, K; Ueda, A; Hara, H 2012. Forest insects that occurred in Hokkaido in 2010 (in ja). Hoppo ringyo (Northern forestry, Japan), 64(5=758): 133-136. 

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