Henry van Wagenen Howe

Henry Van Wagenen Howe (June 15, 1896 - September 27, 1973), American micropalaeontologist, especially foraminifera and ostracods

Taxon names authored

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Publications edit

  • Howe, H.V. & Chambers, J. 1935: Louisiana Jackson Eocene Ostracoda. Geological Bulletin, State of Louisiana Department of Conservation, Louisiana Geological Survey, 5: 1–65.
  • Howe, H.V. in Benson, R. H. et al. 1961: Systematic descriptions. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part Q: Q99-Q422.
  • Howe, H.V. & McKenzie, K.G., 1989: Recent marine Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Darwin and North-Western Australia. Monograph Series, Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences, 3: 1–50.

Biography edit

  • Anderson, H.V. 1973: In Memory of Henry Van Wagenen Howe (1896-1973). [1]

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