Henry Fairfield Osborn

Henry Fairfield Osborn (August 8, 1857 – November 6, 1935), U.S. geologist and paleontologist.

Henry Fairfield Osborn

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1899 edit

  • Osborn 1899. On Pliohyrax kruppii Osborn, a fossil hyracoid, from Samos, Lower Pliocene, in the Stuttgart Collection. A new type, and the first known Tertiary Hyracoid. In Proceedings of the fourth International Congress of Zoology, Cambridge, 22–27 August, 1898 172–173. BHL Reference page

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1936 edit

  • Osborn, H.F. 1936. Proboscidea: a monograph of the discovery, evolution, migration and extinction of the mastodonts and elephants of the world. Vol. I: Moeritherioidea, Deinotherioidea, Mastodontoidea. The American Museum Press: New York. DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.12097 BHL Reference page

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