Hamlet Clark (1823–1867), English clergyman and naturalist.

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1855 edit

1860 edit

  • Clark, H. 1860. Catalogue of Halticidae in the collection of the British Museum, Physapodes and Oedipodes. Part I. The Trustees, London. xii + 301 pp. + 10 pls. Google Books  . HathiTrust  .

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1866 edit

  • Bates, H.W. & Clark, H. 1866. A catalogue of Phytophaga. [Coleoptera, Pseudotetramera]. Part I. I. Sagridae. II. Donacidae. III. Crioceridae. IV. Megalopidae. With an appendix, containing descriptions of new species. Williams and Norgate, London & Edinburgh. 50 + 88 pp. Google Books. Reference page

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